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What is Mind Map? and How I use it

Here is How I use mindmap for?

  1. At Lecture : Whenever I have to attend a long lecture, I take out my sketch book, and from the centre of a page I start drawing mind map. In case if there are relations to the nodes, I use dotted lines. (Earlier I was using mindjet). I also mark stars or write AP(Action Point) for those things which needs to go to my to-do list. I doodle and use emoticons to express myself freely and make my mind map more interesting. In the end I use camera to take a picture, put it in skitch on evernote, before tearing the page.
  2. While Teaching : When I am teaching to students, as a teacher I need to brush up the topics from books but instead of spending 20 minutes going through the text of the books. I glance through my mind map within 2 minutes of visual reading, I get refreshed with subjects which makes me ready to go for hours together. While lecturing I visualize every branch and node. In my mind map, also make special markings for cracking up jokes, stories and experiences.
  3. At Brain Storming Meetings : When I am doing brain storming alone or with team, there are tons of ideas that flutter around, we need to capture each and every idea without judging or rejecting in the first pass.
  4. During Study There are few subjects for which mind map might not be applicable like maths, calculus etc. For subject like Science you need to try mix of text and mind map, why? because usually the definitions of various scientific terms has to be a single accurate text which is from the book. But for all the rest of subjects like history, geography and social science etc. mind map is just right.

Why mind map over text? David Allen Author of book, Getting things done. Explains that we human beings think in hops. Example If I walk past my garage, my mind will pick

  1. 1st hop: oh I need to fix the flat tire which has been laying around
  2. 2nd hop: I need to get the mechanic
  3. 3rd hop: I need to get no. of a good mechanic
  4. 4th hop: Bob told me he would give me the no.
  5. 5th hop: I need to call bob (Last Action Item)

These hops are nothing but mind maps, mind maps are more natural and intuitive compared to text.

Answer to Games Trainers Play

While writing a comment to a Blog Post of Abhijit Bhaduri on Games Trainers Play my comment become so big that it was a size of blog post.
Here is content paste of it.


In today’s era the average attention span you can hold onto people has reduced to 7 minutes (studies done in classrooms) thanks to smart phones. People will a switch off from any topic even if it is interesting when it goes beyond 15 minutes (studies done on MOOC and its audience). We are living in the world of pop-art-culture where we need marquee stuff (moving and popping stuff) happening around us to catch our engagement and attention thanks to TV and Internet. We literally have to beg to people to give us TUDA – Total UnDivided attention. Hence in my view fun and frolic way is best way of teaching and training.


I once did an experiment with my students. I detest trainers who are nothing but ball of pep-talk they jump and dance throughout the training. After the effect of pep-talk wears off people usually are weary and are not able to cope up with the grunge of work and life, they sabotage themselves for not able to imbibe new learning or curse the trainer for brainwashing them and showing them rosy picture within the closed doors of the seminar room uninterrupted by the world.


My experiment was simple, abstain from any form of pep-talk be straight face and give directly the nuggets of knowledge, concept, skills and experience. At the end of the session I realized that I failed, People were gloomy and were least enthusiastic even after getting the most power packed value learning. Learning lesson for me was, I need to be warm, motivated and inspired and be little pep-up. It’s essential glue needed for training.


Problem with reflective learning is it’s a single window of line of thought from which there is always possibility of branching and swaying away. You can slip from reflection introspection to mulling over and eventually landing up into a fantasy land of day dreaming and from that fantasy land no HR, manager or supervisor can possibly get you out. Further more you can’t really be sure if you have got the learning from introspection and quantifying it is next to impossible.


Reflective cognitive tools like journal and diary are not always applicable in all the cases. For example a batsman needs to peg the learning of what do and how to draw the bat every time a unique delivery of ball is made. He can’t use any gadgets, apps, or pen or paper he needs to register it in his muscle memory etc. Similarly a high level manager seldom stays on single computer screen or mobile screen or on a page of a report for long time. Instead he starts developing skills of intuition, reading between lines, gauging market, and assessing intention of people by looking in their eyes etc.

(image courtesy from Abhijit Bhaduri)

Launching of video for accident prevention in BEST bus

RADHEE Foundation, nonprofit organization which is working on cause of accident prevention has done tie up with the BEST to show video on the LCD panel of the BEST Buses for the Railway accident prevention.

Educating the common man during their leisure time of BEST bus travel will help them to take safety precaution thus reduce the number of accidents

Program is on 16th June, Monday at 10.00 am at Conference Hall, Electric House, Colaba.

Share this invitation to friends, NGO, activist, family of accident victim keeping me in CC so they confirm their participation for logistic arrangement.


Headstart is hiring, please refer your friends

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A university degree in a related field
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Good computer skills; experienced and attentive to social media
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Proficiency with content creation tools such as Photoshop, WordPress and powerpoint
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Takeaway for Productive Mondays?

Tools List

  •  Tools mention in these document are fluid planners
  • Visual Task management for individual and teams
  • Brings stress-free productivity
  • Helps to focus our attention


Goal List Template


  • Goal list helps you prioritize your goals
  • Your top 3 goals are more important then your remaining 7 goals out of list of ten
  • It’s been observed that those people, who achieve top 3 high priority BHAG (big hairy audacious goals) goals find dramatic change in their life
  • Do you know the acronym S.M.A.R.T.?


Daily Routines Template

  • Daily routine template is an exercise to find out time wasters
  • Time wasters are traps and can be of different nature as compulsive, impulsive, distractions, interruptions and enticing
  • Your two sets of routines Daily routines from Monday to Friday are same, and Routine for Saturday and Sunday same
  • This exercise need to be done on a weekend, when you are in calm and compose state and mind is ready to introspect.
  • I I was to give you one last tip to bring change in you its this (think deeply about it don’t negate it, it’s profound)

Hit bed at 12, and get up at 6

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Books List from GoodReads


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The Essential Calvin and Hobbes
The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
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