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Launching of video for accident prevention in BEST bus

RADHEE Foundation, nonprofit organization which is working on cause of accident prevention has done tie up with the BEST to show video on the LCD panel of the BEST Buses for the Railway accident prevention.

Educating the common man during their leisure time of BEST bus travel will help them to take safety precaution thus reduce the number of accidents

Program is on 16th June, Monday at 10.00 am at Conference Hall, Electric House, Colaba.

Share this invitation to friends, NGO, activist, family of accident victim keeping me in CC so they confirm their participation for logistic arrangement.


Headstart is hiring, please refer your friends

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Job Description:Purpose of the position

This position will be responsible for driving Hackerspace and Headstart higher in the selected cities in co-ordination with the respective city leads.


Drive Headstart Higher and Hackerspaces in selected cities
Support in event promotion (Emailers, Headstart Website, blog, social Media)
Update & Maintain Dashboard
Communicate with Event Sponsors Send Sponsors Report
Provide account related information to concerned lead
Maintain repository of pics / videos of the event
Online engagement with Community Blog post, FB, Twitter etc.
Track and control Database of Event participants
Facilitate Headstart Higher and Hackerspace offline event in co-ordination with the volunteers
Facilitate/participate in team meetings and calls
Any other tasks as may be required from time to time

Required skills and experience

A university degree in a related field
Passion for startups
Ability to write clearly and succinctly in various styles
Ability to maintain effective relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders
Ability to work independently and with minimal supervision
Good computer skills; experienced and attentive to social media
Able to call, Skype and work collaboratively using Google docs.


Proficiency with content creation tools such as Photoshop, WordPress and powerpoint
Proficiency with Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare and YouTube
Industry : Internet / Ecommerce
Functional Area : Marketing, Advertising, MR, PR, Media Planning
Role Category : Advertising
Role : Events/Promotion Manager
Keyskills : Online Marketing, Email Marketing, Website Marketing, Event Management, Event Marketing, Operations Planning

Desired Candidate Profile:

Education : (UG – Any Graduate – Any Specialization)An ideal candidate would have demonstrated a strong interest in the Indian startup ecosystem by volunteering for Headstart or other such organizations.Your references can apply to this job by clicking the link below.


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Takeaway for Productive Mondays?

Tools List

  •  Tools mention in these document are fluid planners
  • Visual Task management for individual and teams
  • Brings stress-free productivity
  • Helps to focus our attention


Goal List Template


  • Goal list helps you prioritize your goals
  • Your top 3 goals are more important then your remaining 7 goals out of list of ten
  • It’s been observed that those people, who achieve top 3 high priority BHAG (big hairy audacious goals) goals find dramatic change in their life
  • Do you know the acronym S.M.A.R.T.?


Daily Routines Template

  • Daily routine template is an exercise to find out time wasters
  • Time wasters are traps and can be of different nature as compulsive, impulsive, distractions, interruptions and enticing
  • Your two sets of routines Daily routines from Monday to Friday are same, and Routine for Saturday and Sunday same
  • This exercise need to be done on a weekend, when you are in calm and compose state and mind is ready to introspect.
  • I I was to give you one last tip to bring change in you its this (think deeply about it don’t negate it, it’s profound)

Hit bed at 12, and get up at 6

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Books List from GoodReads


Arun’s read book montage

The Diary of a Young Girl
Tuesdays With Morrie
Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap...And Others Don't
The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference
The 4-Hour Workweek
Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity
The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business
Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies
The Essential Calvin and Hobbes
The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
The Secret
A Brief History of Time
Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
Being and Nothingness
The Trial and Death of Socrates
Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood
All-Star Superman, Vol. 1

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Answer: Why Do So Many Of Us Hate Math?

So many people hate math is because they have a big mental barrier against math which has accumulated through their growing years.

Test of Intelligence

If you gave someone who hates math, a drab formal math problem, they will immediately shut their mind. But if you ask the same person a puzzle which will have same difficulty level as that of math problem then they will be interested and might jump-up to answer you.

Early School days

In early age when are the subjects are introduced in schools; children are exposed to English, science and math early on.

Kids love language because they get to speak, they have been practicing it for few years, and it’s quite visual, experimental and has lot of room for experimentation and variations. With Science, kids are naturally curious and attracted to know the logic behind everything and most of their ‘Why’ question gets answered by science.

Slow Math

When it comes to math, thing that most teachers unfortunately do wrong is they start teaching a ‘slow-math’ to kids, math should not be taught as a slow-math. Slow math is teaching math at slow pace thinking that kids will take time to get it or absorb it. Like English and science which need to be taken slowly to absorb and get it.

By Nature in math there is no possibility of variations in answers there can be only one answer in most of the cases. Unfortunately not many of the teachers are able to bring experimental, iterative or playing model in teaching.

It is noted that the child is very much interested in math, till time he is able to read or speak 1-to-100, the child has put in this effort to learn it and is a quite an achievement in itself.

How Problem Starts?

It’s only after counting, or 1-to-100, when children start’s to hate math. The exercise which the seed of math hate is when kids are exposed to do addition, subtraction and multiplication. It’s seen that child comes up with lot of answers which are wrong and which get a negative remarks, sneer by the teacher when they discover that their answer or answers were wrong. Most of the teachers don’t have long patients and don’t want children get set-in with wrong fundamentals. (Teachers think that teaching it right first time is very important as compared to course correcting any wrong fundamentals of math learnt by any kid which might be long and tedious process)

Flash Math

One of the answers of teaching kids math is by introducing them to Flash-math, Flash math is asking simple math questions to kids and bringing sense of urgency to answer those questions, repeat more flash question till they are unstoppable to answer, repeat these exercise whenever it can be and increase the difficulty level.


You: Quick tell me what 2+2 is,

Kid: What huh?, oh 2 plus 2 is equal to hmm 4

You: 3+2

Kid: aah …5

You: 3+4

Kid: (long pause) 7

How it happens?

As you keep on doing this exercise with kids, kids take it as a game and challenge. They get to know this game is not like slow-math in which

1st priority is correct answer and

2nd priority is speed.

In flash-math its reverse its delivery of answer as 1st priority and 2nd priority as correct answer, what this does it activates totally different set of cells in the Child’s brain with math still learnt unknowing with swift effort. Flash-math helps kids to use their kinesthetic, visual and other intelligence; they start becoming smart and fast and uses their natural fast body rhythm in math. Unlike most kids next time when there are thrown with math problem they will try to solve it mentally; they don’t first get fixated to problem, re-interpret problem and then try to arrive at the answer. Instead they just bring out the answers as easy as body reflexes. Like language math is also something that can be learnt subconsciously.


After trying flash-math exercise constantly with kids, one day you might find that you are too slow to come up with the fast question and that kids could beat you in fast-correct-answer that’s the point where miracle happened this kid is now smarter then you. He is confident, loves math and likes doing mental math.


After reading Annie M Paul’s blog, I thought of writing here reply which eventually became this blog post.

Getting technical workdone through outsourcing

An entrepreneur friend of mine wanted to write an article on “How to get your technical work done” relevant to startups and mostly focussed on web/apps based startups.

He asked me if I can share some of my experiences? How did I get my work done and the kind of people involved. Also did I set up a separate IT team?

In my experience, I have tried all the 3 things

  1. Becoming programmer myself and taking reins in my hand.
  2. Outsourcing work to freelancers
  3. Recruting employees to work for you on your project.

Lessons which I learnt are:

  1. As an entrepreneur do not get your hands into coding because then you loose your business focus and are not able to think at macro level rather your mind get pre-occupied on how to bust that next error/bug that you are getting in the system.
  2. If you have good amount of money then subcontract project to IT vendor, by just providing clear cut requirements.
  3. If money is constrain then have employees working with you, either full time or part-time where you sit with them and get the work done.
  4. Making decision on which technology to go with is the toughest question and should be consulted with the top most tech ninja that you might be knowing in your life.
  5. if you yourself know about programming you can hire, freshers from IT training centers like seedinfotech and mentor them. Note here you can get good techies (you have to take real field test on PC) at less salary. I had hired good techies and was giving them 5K salary (I had constrain of working on the shoe string budget) though they left for other job later on with higher pay.
  6. There is no robust intern-hire program which works well yet for employers and interns, hiring intern is waste of time, infact more time is spend in explaining them, training them and getting work done.
  7. Always get the documentation done if it is missing then you don’t know how to manage system and your are in mess if project is over.