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[Training Event] How to use smartphone smartly?

Event Details:

Only for Android Mobile Phones,
Bring your own devices – At the desk coaching.
Wi-fi will be provided at the venue.
Live usage of productive and smart Android Apps on mobile phone.
These workshop were conducted at Welingkar last month.

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How was Productivity using mobile apps in the month of May 2013?

About Event

Out of 6 speakers who confirmed, 3 speakers were present for the event; from those who couldn’t make it one of them was seriously ill.

Right from early start of the session, we had tremendous helping from a toast master professional Nikhil Salvi, he was host of the event, he was so through that he not just summarized what we did last time he also wrote complete information of what to expect from today’s session. Nikhil made everyone feel comfortable. We had total of 14 registrations out of which 11 people turned up. (Ironically, I have observed that, it’s not always that those people who have registered turns up for the event). We had 50% percent of people who were Apple fan and 50% who were Android users. For those who were not able to make it they missed a lot on leaning i.e. what are the world best practices on staying productivity over mobile phone. From this event onward we started collecting nominal fees of Rs.50/- from participants and even from speakers.

About Speakers

Yazdi Tantra – As per Nikhi’s introduction for Mr. Yazdi he was our youngest speaker :-), His contribution to the productivity meet up was maximum, Yazdi has more than hundreds of productivity apps well tried tested and curated he is a real connoisseur of android mobile apps. As our No. 1 Speaker he was very meticulous to stick to allotted timings and share best of his gems from his mobile and laptop.

Rohan Naravane of was very humble and a quite speaker, he waited for everyone to finish first, he is so passionate for the mobile and mobile industry that he spends extra time and money to buy the VGA converter to connect to projector to show his apple applications from his mobile phone and laptop. We were able to learn lot of productivity apps and new trends and concepts for from him.

Saswat Banerjee, showed which tools and apps he has been using in his office, He also brought in the open forum discussion that, there is still no one unified solution which takes of productivity in a real collaborative way without being limiting, He also highlighted that it’s not just applications that are enough consistently sticking to these apps, increasing commitment level and bringing other friends and colleagues is also very important.

About Participants

We had amazing mix of participant, like Sachin Chavan, Harshal from toastmaster and we also had one colleagues each from our speakers Mr. Yazdi and Saswat attending our event.

Productivity using mobile app group pic

List of Apps which were shared

In case if I have missed any app, you can add to this list or let me know

Next ahead

For next month we have theme as ‘Productivity for students’, Sachin Chavan is an early speaker for the month, we have also set up a meetup event group on

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Productivity for Students – July 2013

Productivity for Students

Countdown begins

Days | Hours | Minutes | Seconds

Productivity Meetup

Monthly meet up which happens on every 4th Saturday of the month where knowledge exchange of productivity hacks happens.

Inviting productivity enthusiasts across Mumbai city to share their productivity tips and tricks at the event


May Month’s Theme: Productivity for Students

Date:27th July 2013, 3PM to 6PM

Venue: The Playce

the playce

101 Marathon Maxima
LBS Road
Next to Nirmal Lifestyle
Behind Hero Showroom
Mulund West
Mumbai 400080

Fees: Rs. 200/- only (will be collected at the venue from everyone, including speakers)


    • Registrations
    • Participant’s round of introduction
    • Brief on What Productivity Meetup and it’s purpose?
    • Invites speaker to share
    • Participants sharing their small hacks
    • Open House discussion
    • Challenge for next month
    • Next Month’s theme – Productivity over word, excel & power point


Sachin Chavan

Sachin small image

Consultant & Coach (Strategic Change, SMEs, Careers)



Arun Kumar
982 zero 46 zero 348
arunkw (at) yahoo (dot) com

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How was the productivity meetup in the month of April

27th April saw the launch of the Productivity Meet up at ThePlayce, 17 people had registered for the event and about 10 people attended the event.

Session started with a warm welcome and the brief round of introductions of the speakers and participants, the traditional style of ThePlace i.e. Introducing with name and adjective of the first alphabet of your name; Like Strategic Sachin and Awesome Arun.

The key speaker for the session where Trainer and mentor Arun Chitlangia of Training Tree and Sachin Chavan.

Arun Chitlangia 

Vice President – Western Region at ISTD
CEOTraining Tree

Sachin Chavan

Career and Business Coach
Certified MBTI practitioner.


Sushant Kasbekar led the event,  It started with explaining of the concept productivity, How it is applicable to everyone and How we can learn new things from different people sharing their productivity tips and tricks.

A complete roll out of the yearly themes was put forth on the chart, which gave idea to the audience which themes to expect on the coming months. Next pit stop for the month of May was – Productivity using Mobile apps. Sachin suggested that productivity in house or kitchen should also be taken a theme in future.

2nd Agenda item, was explanation of the session structure which comprise of Big sharing (hacks) from key speakers which will be of 20 min and Small sharing (hacks) from participant which will be for 15 min.

Sushant shared the topic which was close to heart, ‘Use of the covey’s matrix of urgent + important v/s not so urgent + not so important’ post his sharing.

Covey's time management matrix

Sachin initiated the discussion on which are the tools and methodology that others are using. Arun Chitlangia suggested that he uses simple excel sheet, he uses sort filter wisely to complete his daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Shekhar Gurav suggested use of Asana and Basecamp both of which are the popular collaborative task management, system which integrates with calendar. Arun Kumar suggested that he uses Seinfeld’s concept of chains, toodledo for tasks and Google tasks for projects and that their counter apps are also available on android apps which syncs beautifully.

Arun Chitlangia started his session, by sharing his experience and journey as a trainer. He conducted learning through game play which thought us lesson on how to appreciate other. Listen patiently and strike better conversation. He also taught on how to not run after money, but to care for others and provide answers to their problems, such that the money will come as by product.

In the open house discussion topic of ‘What do you do? And how do you use productivity tools in your life’ was taken in which sonakashi Pratap, Anand Mudliar and Shashnawaz patel each shared views and usage.

Challenge for the next month announced was – ‘How do you get the street view on your mobile phone

An appeal was made to participants and speaker to volunteer to support and carry forward the productivity meet up as a community event.

Feedback, received from the speakers and participant at the end of the session was,

  • In one of the concept of ‘How to do XYZ? Is a initiative of new learning, whereas productivity is improvisation on the basic learning hence should be avoided so as not to dilute the productivity concept.
  • While inviting people to share ensure that they share from productivity point of view.
  • Discuss with speakers in length on what needs to be addressed and what does participant expect.

Finally we wrapped up with a thank you note from all and taking group pictures before signing off.
Group photo


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Productivity Meetup

Monthly meet up which happens on every 4th Saturday of the month where knowledge exchange of productivity hacks happens.

Inviting productivity geeks across Mumbai city to share their productivity hack at the event

This event is no longer happening, Its been put on hold for indefinite time.

Venue: The Playce

the playce

101 Marathon Maxima
LBS Road
Next to Nirmal Lifestyle
Behind Hero Showroom
Mulund West
Mumbai 400080


Arun Kumar
982 zero 46 zero 348
arunkw (at) yahoo (dot) com