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Seeking missing contacts of spot registrations for co-founder search program

Public Appeal

People standing row

We had Headstart organized co-founder search program last month on 29th June at Dadar, Mumbai
We had some spot registrations, unfortunately I am not able to get email id of few of members.
Those are

  1. Ripal Shah
  2. Ritesh Kamat
  3. Archit
  4. Bhavesh
  5. Jagrat
  6. Pratik
  7. Shivang

For the rest I have figured out the contact details.
Kindly let me know if its you or any of your close friends.
I need their contact details. Thank you.

Hey I know that fellow Click n Type


Little Ganesha Invites You!

Ganpati Category There are those who have Ganpati at their place and there are those like me who don’t have Ganpati at their place. What has been bothering me for some time is the polarities people have been taking when the D-day comes and it becomes too much.

“For those who have Ganpati at their place they seem to pay less visit to the ‘Sarvajanik Ganpati’ and many a times contribute less in terms of effort that needs to be put-in.”

Though both ‘Sarvajanik Ganpati’ and ‘Gharcha Ganpati’ has good pros which are winning criteria for both, there is no such thing as one is better than the other both are better it their own way.

In ‘Sarvajanik Ganpati’

  • You learn to take responsibilities
  • Have to work in team
  • Gain community understanding
  • Enhance your selling skills while collecting charity funds.

In ‘Gharcha Ganpati’

  • You get to see family bonding
  • Have revival in the faith of almighty
  • Get to show your sole creativity through Ganpati decoration

For those who have Ganpati at their place and are merry to invite people; They invite with no holds barred, they are happy and people like to come visit them and their Ganpati.

For those who don’t invite for Ganpati at their place many a times think inadvertently from antagonistic space.

conversation during Ganpati

  • 1st stream of thought

  1. Why should I be calling people for Ganpati
  2. They should understand that they should come
  3. Everyone knows that I have Ganpati at my home
  4. People are not supposed to be called for Ganpati
  5. If they feel like coming they will show up
  • 2nd Stream of thought

  1. He had come last year
  2. How could he miss coming for this year?

And then those who don’t have Ganpati at their place their stream of thoughts

  1. Oh Boy, it’s just a 1 day holiday but can’t rest
  2. So many friends and can’t say no to anyone
  3. Where should I go first?
  4. If I had darshan of Ganpati at one place is it not equivalent that I had Darshan of Ganpati at all my friends.

Just two days back a friend of mine wrote a mail to me with Subject line

Little Ganesha Invites You!

To my friend – Are you inviting me or is it Mighty Lord Ganesha that is inviting me? Ganpati Uthsov teaches us to be humble and make us understand that even we are made up of clay and that even we will have to take heavenly abode someday.

Why Alok Kejriwal have a huge following?

Why is he so popular in Indian startup community?

Alok has been entrepreneur and living on the edge since dot com. You might have come to know of him from media as a decorated war hero. But truth is he is the sole survivor from the gaming industry from our country – India and hence has lot of stories and words to wisdom to share.

He sailed his boat even when the period of flash games were at the peak and his competitors were busy selling, bribing and pushing games to the gamers.

Generating revenue just from contests and free games is still a mystery for many but he was able to crack the code and surf on it.

For many he is a poster boy of Entrepreneurship from India. One can learn how to do personal branding from him (He wears his brand, no matter what)

Why I like him

Why I like him is because:

He is like that old friend of yours who in spite of being an International cricketer will still come to play with same passion with you the rusty game of gully cricket with that cheap tennis ball.

Do you know any business tycoon, CEO or investor who would come to meet you as an ordinary mortal and give a pat on the back just because you are an entrepreneur? It doesn’t matter if you have made it big or not – He is that guy.

On TV we watch so many business personalities on business channels all seems to be too cold, on some lame plane where they talk in such a jargonasitc language that your won’t understand. But with Alok he speaks your language and thinks like Marwari.

Alok Kejriwal

He doesn’t fake accent and writes from his heart, I agree that when it comes to conversation he could be crude and rapacious when speaking about something or someone; He would not hesitate and will say then and there itself if it’s a hit or it’s a shit without even blinking. But one thing for sure he doesn’t spew fire on others. The book which he recommends to read is ‘Autobiography of a Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda‘, its one tough book to read and comprehend.

Autobiography Of A Yogi

This post was originally answered on Quora

Hackerspace in Mumbai on 18th August at 4 PM

Hacker Space in Mumbai



Headstart Network Foundation is creating ‘Hackerspaces’ in Mumbai to enable open hackathons regularly. The first hackathon is scheduled for the weekend of 18th August.


We begin at 4PM on Saturday, 18th August and continue until late evening on Sunday, 19th August.


email mumbai(at)headstart(dot)in so we know how much food and beverages to get.


Infibeam, Hi-Tech Plaza Ground Floor, Mahakali Caves Road, Landmark: Opp Ahura Center, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400093


We have a large enough space, internet and washrooms available for the entire duration (non stop). Participants are of course expected to carry their own laptop. Designers, architects, learners, troubleshooters are also most welcome 🙂 It would certainly be needed if folks participating are looking to rollout something usable by the end of the weekend.


There are restaurants nearby and we might order some food as well, but if you carry some food, that would be nice.


Nil. It is free



Call for Action:

What are you waiting for Invite all your programmer, developer friends. Come one come all.
Post it , Tweet it, like it.