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Complete Information on Email Productivity Workshop

Thank you for an overwhelming support

Thank you everyone for an overwhelming support and warm response for the 18th August Workshop.

I am indebted to my partners and participants for extending there efforts to make it success.

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Complete Information on Email Productivity Workshop

Hands on Video on Advance Email Productivity


This is my attempt to create an RSA animate style video, It’s very difficult and challenging to get the video shoot

I had camera in left hand and sketch pen in right; looking through the camera lens of mobile phone and making a free hand drawing while simultaneously bending over the table and staring away from the direct table lamp tube light was tough.

Post shoot video editing was time consuming and required lots of patience. Thank for watching the video.

I have reached to a conclusion between RSA Animate and Common Craft, You get better results with Common Craft style

In case if you have questions regarding workshop do let me know 🙂

Complete Information on Email Productivity Workshop

Listen to the Introduction on Advance Email Productivity

Complete Information on Email Productivity Workshop

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ET Ad for Email Productivity

ET Ad for Email Productivity

Complete Information on Email Productivity Workshop

Advance Email Productivity

Posters of Email Productivity

Posters of Email Productivity

Complete Information on Email Productivity Workshop

Learn Email Productivity

Skill for life time

When you reach to your office, you settle down at your desk and start your computer, what is the first thing that you do? Most of the people rush to their mail box. You are anxious and are anticipating, this is that time of the day when you are want to get reins of the work before the hardship of the day that would began. The hour of the office is the time when you want to place yourself where the zone of productivity is and what would be better than your mail box. For today’s age mail box has become the portal of work the sacred gateway from where everything which is directed to you comes to you flying, be it information, decisions, commandments, delegation, gossip, advertisement for pills and what not.

Once you open your mail box, your eyes goes wide just by looking at the numbers of mails that has poured in, you get such a nasty punch in face that it takes a little moment to stop the reeling of head. A survey conducted by boomerang team suggested that on an average an email user gets 147 mails per day, this is including spam and that we spend 2 and half hour per day just on our mails.

Are you flooded with mails? Do you get so many mails that you are bog down by it. Have you missed deadlines on your mails? Then this is one workshop you wouldn’t want to miss. Conducted by trainer and professor Arun Kumar is well known in improving work productivity. This course is ideal for those who deal with emails everyday and those who would have more than 50 mails laying in their inbox. This course teaches the techniques of handling mails, using effective habits and advance tool for productivity.

The workshop starts off with understanding what our current status quo is? what kind of relation do we have with our emails? What are our habits and behaviors?  He points out how our mail box is a counter for new mails, a basement for old stuff and at the same time a cooking bowl for all our pending work, no wonder we have such an intense feeling for our mail box. Your past, present, future all lies over here.  Just to imagine if we all our mails were to be converted to a paper document we did be blown out of the room.

This niche program is specially designed for you to get on top of your mails, many people think that they have been handling mails and there is nothing new to learn. But what they fail to understand is that they have been reading emails and leaving it there on the shelf, it was never processed hence it never got away. It got stuck with them and it still does in the mail box.

A first of its kind training where the participant are asked to bring the laptop, such that at-the-desk- coaching can be provided. Usually in most of the training program participants are taught at the class room and asked to practice at home or in office; but not here.  The final bench mark of email productivity is to clean and organize mails in mailbox to zero. This training teaches same with the use of free easy to use software tools; the forth coming training session is in month of August click here to register for the same

Get the unfair advantage learn the email productivity skill for lifetime.


Come to play the email game

You demand instant coffee, high speed elevator and quick SMSs, we as professionals are becoming more and more laser focused, we check news on the move, we tweet at the coffee table, we time our lunch, we soar our self in the area of work and our skills and we are constantly looking to climb the next step on the ladder. It’s been natural to us to be on our toes and running; your parents expected high grades you boss expects project to move at the speed of light.

How do you do it? Simple you expect more from yourself; you cut the slack, stay away from the trash and the gossip, hit the spam button and always ask for the best. You gear yourself by enhancing your skills earning certifications and giving assessment. Give me a tough ground to play, you say. Give me some challenge and give me some fun.

Let me shift your focus here say, If you are attending a training program in your office or the one outside we know you can’t stand it to a boring presentation, but if it’s training where you have to perform and take action you wouldn’t that be interesting? We have just a thing for you, with that you would jump to take up workshop that demands the best from you; this training is on emails, email productivity.

So here is the high-bar which is kept, Have you got what it takes?

  1. Do you have Laptop can you bring it to the workshop?
  2. Do you have 50+ emails in your inbox both read and unread?
  3. Do you have administrative access to your laptop?

This is the first of its kind of a non-technical, technical training – that is you won’t be doing any programming but at the same time you would be using software tools to process and organize your mails.

So what does email productivity means – Give me the short version,

Ans: It means handling the emails like a ninja chopping it off to trash, task and calendar, etc?

Would you be interested to learn the new game of making your inbox to zero then come and join? through MeraEvents

Also fill up the email assessment form so that we can determine, if we are equipped with the tools to train you.


Complete Information on Email Productivity Workshop


1. I know everything that I need to know about emails; what will this workshop teaches?

We have been using emails with a habit of reading and leaving it our Inbox due to which the inbox has becomes the graveyard for old emails and additional fresh ones that keeps pouring in. This workshop builds new habit of processing mails i.e. reading it, taking appropriate decisive action and finally clearing Inbox to ground zero.

2. Is this another program that teaches how to write effective emails?

No this program does not cover

      1. How to write effective emails?
      2. Email marketing
      3. Email etiquettes
      4. How to open new email account

3. I am constantly checking my mails on my computer and on mobile, I get to know the latest updates, I am always ahead of the pack. What more is left?

Constantly checking mails is counter-productive unless your job profile demands that your keep checking mails. Our workshop helps you bust myths about better use of emails.

4. What should I carry for the workshop?

Bring your laptop and tablets for the workshop, we will be providing wi-fi connection, you need to ensure that you have access to your emails.

5. I don’t have laptop or tablet, how can I attend the workshop?

If you provide us prior intimation we can help you rent a laptop for you for the workshop.

6. Will there be use of 3rd party applications? Will it not make my computer slow?

Yes along with new habits, methods, techniques, we also provide and encourage participant to use 3rd party applications to boost email productivity without lowering processing speed.

7. Do I need to buy or pay for any 3rd party application?

No you need not buy or pay for any 3rd party application

8. I don’t have any administrative rights on my computer? Or I won’t be able to access internet or download anything on my computer? What should I do?

You need to have administrative rights for your computer and have access to internet; we will also need to download 3rd party applications. Without these we will not encourage participant to take part in the workshop.

9. I have been using stars, flags, priorities and colour to denote certain emails? What will happen to my unique email identification system or codification?

With our workshop you will no longer need to use your unique email identification system or codification, our workshop will teach you superior ways of identifying and handling emails which will be much more trusted and reliable, none the less you will always have freedom and option of switching back to your earlier style.

10. What do you mean by, this workshop is ‘at-the-desk’ workshop?

Unlike other workshop which only teach theory and ask the participants to try practice at home; in our workshop we would work with you on your computer giving you complete hand holding training.

11. I have thousands of emails, hundreds of urgent and high priority emails, all my deadlines are already late by yesterday, I don’t know where to start and I have no time to attend this workshop? Do you have an instant pill?

There is no instant pill; this workshop will be boon to you to get a grip on your emails and getting in control of your work and life.


12. What do I get at the end of the workshop?

At the end of the workshop emails in your inbox will be at zero which is the big ‘aaha’ moment, and you will be able to keep it zero everyday by using the new technique and tools which are taught in the workshop. The biggest benefit of this workshop is peace of mind.

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