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“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” – Author unknown




About the course

Study by Yale University has showed that only 3% of people set specific and measurable goals for what they want to achieve in life. Twenty years later they found that those 3% amassed a combined income that was three times bigger than all the 97% that didn’t set goals. Come be the part of those 3% success achievers, In this workshop we will carry out systematic step-by-step approach on your goal setting at individual level for both personal and professional life.


Most of the times the ideas and plans that come to your mind don’t work because they are without arms and legs, however we can convert them into success if we create a reliable structure of follow through and stick to it. Our idols like Amitabh Bachchan, Azim Premji, Narayana Murthy has more then half of there diary booked for the year, they use productive tools and techniques to reach to the success. This workshop is designed to teach you on using those tools and techniques and apply it in your life.


Breaking the myths and setting the backdrop right

Goal setting is not same as New Year resolutions; It is also not a one time activity but a continuous life long process with a fail safe structure. Goal setting for individual and for corporate do not contravene each other, In fact with shared vision, bi-directional communication and mutual respect a tighter coupling could be maintain.


Workshop Outline

  1. Setting goals and visualizing vividly
  2. Making plans and expanding projects
  3. Getting to work, through unstoppable execution
  4. Sticking to the mantra of discipline and reviews
  5. Reaching to the goals and accomplishments

Course benefit

The workshop will equip participants with knowledge and practice of carrying out effective goal setting and weekly reviews. Professional growth for self, business and clients, increased consistency, clarity, crispness and accountability, higher level of effectiveness.

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Who should attend? 

All levels of executives, officers and managers from different functions. This unique course will enhance both professional and personal excellence


Pedagogy/ Methodology

Interactive experiential session and management games, Individual attention and lots of hands on work, Post training support to resolve queries and issues, Practical insights and tools, Fun all the way who should participate



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