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Note: Assignments are not applicable to DLP or PCP Program students

Assignment 1 – Quotation for Assemble PC config – 5 Marks

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Assignment 1 – Quotation for Assemble PC config – 5 Marks – Click here

Detail Info

You are asked to provide configuration of an Assemble PC for your friend who is of managerial profile for  Rs. 50,000/-

  1. The configuration should be in Spread sheet (Excel sheet format) with columns (delete sheet No.2 and Sheet No. 3, Just work in sheet No.1)
  2. Items, Item Description, Brand/Make, Units, Capacity, Price, Warranty
  3. The configuration should have both software and Hardware items mention in such balance that it totals out to Rs. 50,000/-
  4. Configuration should be latest with vendors/Suppliers Name, Address
  5. There should be mention of respective taxes and duties for Assemble PC inclusive within Rs. 50,000/-
  6. Use the excel function ‘sum’ to get the total of the quotation
  7. Mention Terms and Conditions if any
  8. This assignment is part of the Internal scoring for your exam
  9. The above mention assignment is to be completed individually (no copying, students found producing a copied version of assignment will get zero marks) and submitted to CR, CR will collate all the soft copies of assignments zip it and send it to class professor
  10. Name of the Excel sheet should be your roll no.
  11. Mention your name and Roll no. within the Excel sheet
  12. Final submission date is already discussed in class if not you can assume it to be after 6th lecture
  13. If you follow all the above points thoroughly, you would be scoring 5 out of 5

Assignment 2 – Blog – 5 Marks

Assignment 2 – Blog – 5 Marks – Click on this tab”

Detail Info

Create a blog which will have more than one page description of either one or many software(s) which you use daily in your office

  1. Mention the benefits of the specific software which you use
  2. Cite the examples of how it has helped you.
  3. Provide illustrations in multimedia format wherever possible
  4. Exceptions: If you are not working in office you can write about any Knowledge management software which you use in cyber café
  5. Also if your office is in traditional working i.e. no-usage of PC then you can write about your Knowledge management process which is used.
  6. This assignment is to be submitted individually (no copying, students who have copied will get zero marks), you may contact your friends or experts in finding out how to create Blogs
  7. Plagiarism (copying) is prohibited, check your blog against and before sending
  8. Send the URL of your blog to CR, CR will collate all the URLs in an Excel sheet and send it to class professor
  9. This assignment is part of the Internal scoring for your exam
  10. Final submission date is already discussed in class if not you can assume it to be after 7th lecture
  11. You can share your blogs with your friends on your social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  12. Paste the below mention text at the end of your blog.
    • This blog is part of IT assignment given by Prof. Arun Kumar V Waghchoure, as mention on website My Name:[], Roll No.:[], Batch:[]
  13. I would post appreciative comments in case if any blog written is exceptional.
  14. Marks Distribution
    1. +1 if no. of words in blog post equal to or more then 300 words
    2. +1 if multimedia content like images, etc is present.
    3. +1 if the topic is directly related to IT i.e Hardware, software, tools, technology, gadgets, mobiles, applications, systems etc.
    4. +1 if there is mention of example, brand players, competitor etc.
    5. +1 if point 12 is implemented
  15. To find how to create blog check below mention URL

Steps for creating Blog

  1. Go to (Note you can also use any other site which provides you blogging facility)
  2. Click on ‘Create Blog’ Button
  3. Fill in the Account Registration form
  4. Name Your blog – Blog Title: Your Name
  5. Blog address: fill-in your name or any good word which you like
  6. Choose anyone of the Template
  7. Click on start Blogging
  8. Click on Publish post when you are done writing your Assignment (You can insert links, videos, photos etc. Do not copy from the internet, plagiarism will not be tolerated.)
  9. Click on View Blog once your blog is published.
  10. Send your Roll No. and URL of the Blog to your CR by copy-pasting the URL of your blog in the mail.
  11. Check the You Tube video to know how to create blog
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PS: Before sending the URL to CR check your Blog in for plagiarism validity


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Extra Assignment – 5 to 20 Marks

Extra Assignment – 5 to 20 Marks

Extra Assignment is applicable to those who have missed either or combination of below; Extra assignment is for the purpose so that student get second chance to score marks, there are genuine cases where students are not able to make it.

  1. Low attendance  (Attendance equal to 3 lectures or less)
  2. Class Presentations or Internal Class MCQ test (conducted in last lecture)
  3. Submission of assignment 1 and/or 2

Detail Info

Email class professor and ask for the extra assignment

Attendance – 10 marks

  • If you have 9 lectures – 1 mark for each lecture + 1 mark for free
  • If you have 12 lectures – 1 mark for each lecture (minus 2 if you are scoring 12 and minus 1 if you are scoring 11)

Extra responsibility for CR

  • CR should share contact details email id and Mobile no., at least two from each batch or class to class professor.
  • CR should communicate all the details to the class, which are shared by mail from Professor.
  • CR should send an excel sheet with Roll No. Names and email id of the class students to class professor.
  • CR should ensure that projector, speaker and mic is available for all the lectures.

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