Power of Awayfind

I am a big fan of Awayfind it is a  fabulous webapp which can send you SMS when you receive an email from your pre-assigned important person.

Another worth mentioning feature of Awayfind is it’s super intelligent auto responder.

Reasons why it is super intelligent?

  1. It send auto reminder only to new contact.
  2. Period of send auto reminder can be edited easily.

How do I use super intelligent auto responder?

  1. I let the new contacts know what my best practice for email and other communication channels are?
  2. I send auto responder to all my regular friends in frequency of 3 years. Period of 3 year have be well thought as I believe and have observed that a persons life comes to a complete 360 degree change in 3 years. An old friends not being in touch after 3 years tend to forget.
  3. This email also act as a subtle plea for those friends who are not in touch and were not contacted in years to remain in touch and rekindle the relation.

Here is the copy of my intelligent auto responder.

Hi there,

I would like to share my best practice for email and other communication channels, I answer all my mails within period of 6 to 24 hours on a working day.

In case if I am waiting for reply from you, as a practice I expect response within 3 days for regular mails and 1 week for unimportant mails. I usually send 2 reminders before giving up on a non moving mail thread.

I use Boxbe for verifying people to safe guard against spam and Rapportive for connecting them with social media account like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Expect reply on twitterLinkedIn and Facebook max by a week time. I don’t check What’s app and bulk delete all messages on it.

Google+, Orkut has been long gone and abandon.

Don’t be annoyed if your name is not stored in my mobile contacts, unfortunately (ironically) I have low device memory but a gigantic contact repository so you are in my Google contacts.

Incase if there is something urgent or emergency you can reach 24 by 7 on my mobile.
To maintain sanity I don’t consider everything as urgent and important rather I define
1. Emergency as when it’s a question of life and death.
2. Urgency as when there is direct impact on health be it in the area of fitness, finance or relationships etc.


Be sure to store this link with my contact information in case of an emergency. This intelligent auto responder mail which is sent once in 6 month to only those who contact me.

Arun Kumar V Waghchoure

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