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Buy Productivity Tools, which you won’t get in Indian shops – Sonic Bomb

Here is an item from list of productivity tools which you won’t find in any Indian shops or in any Indian E-commerce website.

Sonic Bomb

Sonic Bomb Clock

What’s so great:

This is wold’s loudest alarm clock.

If you are the one who finds it difficult to get up early in the morning, because the alarm clock which you have has such a low pathetic volume that you can sleep with it without even putting snooze on it then, this is the clock made just for you.  This clock was made keeping in mind people with low hearing power and low vision (i.e It has red led lights, which blinks when the alarm goes off)


($30 product + $6 shipping) = around Rs.2,000/-


Alarm clock, a productivity tool to kick start your day early in the morning.


A turbo charged 113db extra loud alarm, with a bed-shaker.

How to use it:

This alarm clock runs on electric power, You can set the timing for clock with Time+Hour+Min buttons and for Alarm you can set it using Al.Set+Time+Min, you can also select pitch High/Low


The Sonic Bomb, AKA “The Bomb”, complete with ground shaking super-charged bed shaker


Whenever there is power failure, you needs to reset the timing for clock, unlike any other clock which runs on electric power supply


Keep it away from kids and old parents as it makes very loud noise.

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