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What happens when Superman meets Batman?

But in real life you know you can only do this much with you two hands and a brain. Why not drop your guard, open up your mind, make business partners and capture market, instead of just rowing your boat solo you could become and an Avenger.


Attend Co-founder search program an Initiative of Head start foundation, this is a place where you would meet your potential partner, ahem business partner. So mark your calendar 29th June 1 PM to 5 PM at Dadar. It’s a date ūüėČ

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Getting technical workdone through outsourcing

An entrepreneur friend of mine wanted to¬†write an article on “How to get your technical work done” relevant to startups and mostly focussed on web/apps based startups.

He asked me if I can share some of my experiences? How did I get my work done and the kind of people involved. Also did I set up a separate IT team?

In my experience, I have tried all the 3 things

  1. Becoming programmer myself and taking reins in my hand.
  2. Outsourcing work to freelancers
  3. Recruting employees to work for you on your project.

Lessons which I learnt are:

  1. As an entrepreneur do not get your hands into coding because then you loose your business focus and are not able to think at macro level rather your mind get pre-occupied on how to bust that next error/bug that you are getting in the system.
  2. If you have good amount of money then subcontract project to IT vendor, by just providing clear cut requirements.
  3. If money is constrain then have employees working with you, either full time or part-time where you sit with them and get the work done.
  4. Making decision on which technology to go with is the toughest question and should be consulted with the top most tech ninja that you might be knowing in your life.
  5. if you yourself know about programming you can hire, freshers from IT training centers like seedinfotech and mentor them. Note here you can get good techies (you have to take real field test on PC) at less salary. I had hired good techies and was giving them 5K salary (I had constrain of working on the shoe string budget) though they left for other job later on with higher pay.
  6. There is no robust intern-hire program which works well yet for employers and interns, hiring intern is waste of time, infact more time is spend in explaining them, training them and getting work done.
  7. Always get the documentation done if it is missing then you don’t¬†know how to manage system and your are in mess if project is over.

Special Startup Saturday – Part 2

Special Start up Saturday

Promoting for Headstart, Startup Saturday.

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