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What happens when Superman meets Batman?

But in real life you know you can only do this much with you two hands and a brain. Why not drop your guard, open up your mind, make business partners and capture market, instead of just rowing your boat solo you could become and an Avenger.


Attend Co-founder search program an Initiative of Head start foundation, this is a place where you would meet your potential partner, ahem business partner. So mark your calendar 29th June 1 PM to 5 PM at Dadar. It’s a date ūüėČ

Scroll down the meraevent widget below to Book your registration.

Customized training on Office Productivity at Praja

Praja Foundation is a non-partisan, voluntary organisation, based in Mumbai, India that works on urban and civic issues. Praja runs an Online Complaint Management System (OCMS) in collaboration with the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation.

Evaluation of the existing office productivity was carried, post which various Office productivity tools and techniques were taught so that the Praja Team learn new skills instead of brushing the existing one.

One day training session on Office productivity covered topics right from Kaizen to Goal setting etc.

Buy Productivity Tools, which you won’t get in Indian shops – Sonic Bomb

Here is an item from list of productivity tools which you won’t find in any Indian shops or in any Indian E-commerce website.

Sonic Bomb

Sonic Bomb Clock

What’s so great:

This is wold’s loudest alarm clock.

If you are the one who finds it difficult to get up early in the morning, because the alarm clock which you have has such a low pathetic volume that you can sleep with it without even putting snooze on it then, this is the clock made just for you.  This clock was made keeping in mind people with low hearing power and low vision (i.e It has red led lights, which blinks when the alarm goes off)


($30 product + $6 shipping) = around Rs.2,000/-


Alarm clock, a productivity tool to kick start your day early in the morning.


A turbo charged 113db extra loud alarm, with a bed-shaker.

How to use it:

This alarm clock runs on electric power, You can set the timing for clock with Time+Hour+Min buttons and for Alarm you can set it using Al.Set+Time+Min, you can also select pitch High/Low


The Sonic Bomb, AKA “The Bomb”, complete with ground shaking super-charged bed shaker


Whenever there is power failure, you needs to reset the timing for clock, unlike any other clock which runs on electric power supply


Keep it away from kids and old parents as it makes very loud noise.

Buy Now

Little Ganesha Invites You!

Ganpati Category¬†There are those who have Ganpati at their place and there are those like me who don’t have Ganpati at their place. What has been bothering me for some time is the polarities people have been taking when the D-day comes and it becomes too much.

“For those who have Ganpati at their place they seem to pay less visit to the ‘Sarvajanik Ganpati’ and many a times contribute less in terms of effort that needs to be put-in.”

Though both ‘Sarvajanik Ganpati’ and ‘Gharcha Ganpati’ has good pros which are winning criteria for both, there is no such thing as one is better than the other both are better it their own way.

In ‘Sarvajanik Ganpati’

  • You learn to take responsibilities
  • Have to work in team
  • Gain community understanding
  • Enhance your selling skills while collecting charity funds.

In ‘Gharcha Ganpati’

  • You get to see family bonding
  • Have revival in the faith of almighty
  • Get to show your sole creativity through Ganpati decoration

For those who have Ganpati at their place and are merry to invite people; They invite with no holds barred, they are happy and people like to come visit them and their Ganpati.

For those who don’t invite for Ganpati at their place many a times think inadvertently from antagonistic space.

conversation during Ganpati

  • 1st stream of thought

  1. Why should I be calling people for Ganpati
  2. They should understand that they should come
  3. Everyone knows that I have Ganpati at my home
  4. People are not supposed to be called for Ganpati
  5. If they feel like coming they will show up
  • 2nd Stream of thought

  1. He had come last year
  2. How could he miss coming for this year?

And then those who don’t have Ganpati at their place their stream of thoughts

  1. Oh Boy, it’s just a 1 day holiday but can’t rest
  2. So many friends and can’t say no to anyone
  3. Where should I go first?
  4. If I had darshan of Ganpati at one place is it not equivalent that I had Darshan of Ganpati at all my friends.

Just two days back a friend of mine wrote a mail to me with Subject line

Little Ganesha Invites You!

To my friend РAre you inviting me or is it Mighty Lord Ganesha that is inviting me? Ganpati Uthsov teaches us to be humble and make us understand that even we are made up of clay and that even we will have to take heavenly abode someday.

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Job Hiring

Marketing Executive

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Marketing Executive

We conduct workshop on

  1. Advance Email Productivity and
  2. Personal Goal setting

We are looking to hire someone who could get us register participants for our workshop through marketing so that out trainer will come and only delivery the workshop directly at the venue.

Payment of the project would be based on performance only and performance is no. of participants brought and registered for the training event by the candidate. 10% of the registration fee paid by the participant would be candidate’s fee.

No. of registrations needed for the event would be minimum 12 and max 25, event will be held once in a month or once in two month.

Note payment type is based on commission (or can be said to be based on profit sharing basis.)

More than one person can apply for this position. If you are not able to bring the participant or convert people into registered member you don’t get paid.

Work from home project

This is a work from home project, you need to have connection to internet, computer and should be able to make phone calls to clients.

Skills and Talent needed

  1. Candidate should be able to convert interested participants into paid participant
  2. Candidate should be well versed with sales and marketing
  3. Candidate should have high engagement on social media (facebook, LinkedIn, tweeter etc.)
  4. Candidate should be fantastic on people engagement
  5. Candidate should have high determination and ability to work independently.
  6. Candidate’s work should be spam free and professional.


Drop us a mail at arunkw(at)yahoo(dot)com with your CV attached and subject as applying for marketing executive

Personal Assistant

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Personal Assistance Requirement

Location From:

  1. Mulund
  2. Thane
  3. Bhandup
  4. Andheri


  1. 10:30 AM to 1:00 AM
  2. 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM


  1. Knowledge of English (Reading/Writing/Speaking)
  2. Computer awareness (Yes/No)

Computer / Non ‚Äď Computer related work

Area of Work:

Personal + Official



  • Delegation
  • Organizing
  • Reviewing
  • Appointments
  • Running errands
  • Prioritizing