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Week 1 – Get up at 6 O Clock everyday

Life Changing decision – cumulative life changing decision taken every week.

Week 1 – Get up at 6 O Clock everyday

Learning and Insights

  1. Having alarm clock to get up is must (alarm clock is voted as worlds 1st most preferred object to keep at home) and throughout, that is even if you get habit of getting up all by yourself don’t stop using alarm clock consider it as extension of you and use it through out.
  2. Once a habit is formed to get up at 6, you might experience that you are waking up 1 minute or 1 sec before the alarm clock; this is one of the mysterious way of how perfect our mind works.
  3. If you miss getting from bed, don’t curse yourself and don’t believe that the day will be terrible. Instead make a jump-start
  4. You need to present yourself interesting and important thing to do, because when you wake up brain & body will ask question in there style “why to get up?” You subconscious mind should have answer to that question. You should have something to look forward to get up. Even if you don’t have anything you can come up with something like watching movie early in morning.
  5. Getting up at 6 O clock is 100% dependent on what the time you sleep, Hit bed everyday at 12 and take 6 hour sleep.
  6. Before getting up from bed, take as much अंगडाई, (Lazy stretch on bed itself) as you want this will wake up your body and mind.
  7. If you find yourself dozing after waking up at 6, the recite ॐ in a longer breath and be vocal about it this will send energy vibration in your body by which you will become alert and awake. Other option is to growl loudly with your lips close. If you form habit of growling, then it becomes so subconscious that as soon as you get doze-attach after getting up at 6, your body reflex will kick in making you growl and you will wake up automatically.


Missed – 1 Jan – Preparing for Goal Setting workshop till 2 PM


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