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What happens when Superman meets Batman?

But in real life you know you can only do this much with you two hands and a brain. Why not drop your guard, open up your mind, make business partners and capture market, instead of just rowing your boat solo you could become and an Avenger.


Attend Co-founder search program an Initiative of Head start foundation, this is a place where you would meet your potential partner, ahem business partner. So mark your calendar 29th June 1 PM to 5 PM at Dadar. It’s a date ūüėČ

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Special Startup Saturday – Part 2

Special Start up Saturday

Promoting for Headstart, Startup Saturday.

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Shoutbox at Startup Saturday August 2012

Shoutbox August 2012

Shoutbox August 2012



The “SHOUT BOX”, an initiative by Startup¬†Saturday, is a platform for Startups to shout out their requirements to the entire innovation ecosystem. This ¬†“SHOUT BOX” is for Startup¬†Saturday¬†Mumbai –¬†11th August¬†, 2012.

All credit goes to the conceptualizer and creator

Romil Shah

Business Analyst


Romil Shah

Romil Shah